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My name is Pooya, born in 1995 in Tehran, Iran. It is a Persian name, natively written as پویا مرادی and pronounced as [pu: jɑ:] [mo: ra: di:] .

I've received a BS in Software Engineering after graduating from School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of University of Tehran.

I was also a software engineer at Cafebazaar from March 2016 to Sep 2018 and worked on many challenging problems in products that were serving milions of daily users.

Currently I'm a MSc student at Computer Science Department of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. Here I'm a research assistant at SFU NatLangLab, working under supervision of Prof. Anoop Sarkar. I work on interpretability of attention mechanism in neural sequence-to-sequence models.

My resume is available here.

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