I have a fetish for minimalism. I've owned multiple Wordpress blogs before. The last one was a truly minimal one to write my own monologs. Later on I turned to static-site generators because I felt a server/database is overkill for hosting a simple blog. I tried both Jekyll and Hugo for my blogs. I'm currently happy with hugo. However, recently I felt an urge toward more extremism in the wonderland of minimalism: Minimizing visual beauty and CSS modifications. Consequently I created this page to practice this new radicalism.

- It's Pooya and I write raw HTML here.

Hitchhiking in Mexico

On Hitchhiking

21 Dec 2019: I'm going to do my second big hitchhiking trip. I'm going to Mexico City for Chrismass and from there I'm gonna hitchhike to Oaxaca then going east toward Cancun. They don't know English and I don't know Spanish. Hope it ends well :p They don't have bears like Canada (I hitchiked from West to East of Canada 6000KMs) but they have cartels.

- I attended NeurIPS 2019 in Vancouver from Dec 10th to 14h. It was my second attendance in a big conference. My first one was EMNLP 2019 in Hong Kong. A big part of it for me was meeting a couple of my old friends whom I had not seen for a couple of years. Attending a conference is fun. I guess the most important part of attending a conference is talking to many interesting people. Otherwise, papers and talks (depends) are available online. Some NLP related materials I liked:


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