Hitchhiking in Mexico


After my recent hitchhike from the west of Canada (Vancouver) to the east of Canada (Montreal), I truly felt that I should repeat the same experience again, this time in another country.
Lately I've been very busy with my research and submitting a paper to a conference. So I'm very tired expectedly. If I stay in Vancouver for Chrismass holidays, I'm definitly going to waste it and nothing can refresh me like a new adventure. What's better than a hitch trip in a new country?
Mexico is awesome for this sake. I've not been exposed to sun in the recent 21 days, but Mexico is sunny and it's better to escape from Vancouver specially these days.
So I've planned to hitch through Mexico.


24 Dec 2019: Exchanged 200 CAD to pesos. Bought some stuff like noodles just in case. Packed my bacpack. ready to hit the road (Not yet albeit. Gotta fly to Mexico City first)
last update: 24 Dec 2019